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Juwai IQI is the Asian Real Estate Technology Group that empowers residents of Asia to become residents of the world.  With more than 19,000 real estate agents, including real estate agents in Toronto, Juwai IQI has sold and rented over 17,000 properties worth US$1 billion in 2020, engages 5.5 million monthly active users, and advertises US$4 trillion of property from 111 countries every year.

C12homes is the local partner of JuwaiIQI in Canada, it’s the platform of local resources and connections specialized in advisory services of residential, pre-construction and commercial. With our wisdoms of average 20 years of real estate experience team players, we manage to gather the best leadership and mentorship under same roof to enhance our local realtors’ capabilities from different stages, to set out their career path, to achieve their goals. We also focus on market insights and sharpen our superior negotiation skills to get their Toronto homes For sale, to get the best results for our clients.

Bob has been in the Real Estate industry for more than 12 year and is top 20 Agent in GTA. He is a professional realtor, fearless negotiator, great leader and Fellow of National Real Estate Institution (FRI). In 2019, his team had over 100 Million in sale volume and helped hundreds of families achieve their home ownership dreams.

Been a Certified Engineering Technologist for 8 years and a fellow of the Real Estate Institute in Canada, Bob truly brings a unique understanding of profession and the market to his clients, particularly in the GTA market area, where he lives over 20 years. He is one of the best Real estate Agents North York, one of the most professional Richmond hill real estate agents, and one of the most experienced Markham real estate agents.

Now, Bob is the Vice president of JuwaiIQI in Canada.




The Perks of Living in A Condo

Today, we have potentially many Condos for Sale Toronto to choose from and several different ways of living. You probably already come across condo living and are wondering ‘Is the condo life for me?’

The fact is that , nearly 1.9 million Canadians live in condo buildings across the country, according to Statistics Canada, and it’s safe to say this figure