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The Perks of Living in A Condo

Today, we have potentially many Condos for Sale Toronto to choose from and several different ways of living. You probably already come across condo living and are wondering ‘Is the condo life for me?’

The fact is that , nearly 1.9 million Canadians live in condo buildings across the country, according to Statistics Canada, and it’s safe to say this figure

The Impact of COVID-19 on The Real Estate Industry

As a result of COVID-19, the Province of Ontario has closed all non-essential businesses, effective March 24, 2020. While every industry has been profoundly impacted by efforts to help “flatten the curve” and contain the virus spread, Toronto Homes for Sale has taken a significant hit. These businesses are seeking ways to manage this crisis, limit financial losses and understand

Questions you must ask your realtor before having them onboard

Buying or selling a home can be daunting. In fact, it can be a full-time job. For many people, it makes sense to hire an expert to handle the time-consuming tasks and the nitty-gritty details. Nu Stream Realty is a good choice, it was founded December 2015 in Vancouver (Nu Stream Realty [Toronto] Inc. Brokerage licensed August 2016 in Ontario).